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Jun 1, 2017 Written by  D. Pauline Williams
Clive Films Web Series Bennu FIlms

Season 1 - The Adventure Begins

Clive Kennedy, the International Cowboy, has begun a new web series featuring the stories behind his music. The series, which is available on YouTube, has filmed six episodes comprising Season 1.

Clive, who has lived his eccentric life as a singing troubador across the globe from South Africa to Europe (Uk, Spain, France) and then America, is a consumate story teller whose medium is clearly his lyrics accompanied by catchy evocative song melodies. His muses are many and those memories he shares in his affable way with his fans.

Follow along with your own cup of tea as Clive sings his songs and tells his tale. Each episode is filmed as a stand alone, so no worries if one views them out of order. And along the way, one never knows what surprise is lurking or what famous personality will be introduced next.

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Country Rock 'N Roll
Late Late Show
Come On Time
Waitress, Please

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