Born in Los Angeles, John was raised in the Buckeye state. Having attended school in Ohio, John started playing drums as a child and then added bass guitar to his musical repertoire as a teen. During high school and college he played both instruments in various bands, peforming in various genres including as bassist for two jazz groups and as the tympani player in the Knox County Symphony.

After moving back to Los Angeles, John has played drums or bass with actor, singer, songwriter and musician Gene Loveland, songwriter and music photographer Jay Matsueda, in-demand actor, country musician and live entertainer, Larry Bagby (has worked alongside many artists spanning the evolution of music including Johnny Cash’s original band The Tennessee Three to current artists Lady Antebellum and Tyler Hilton and starred in 'Walk the Line') and The Mornings.

A jazz and rock guy, John has known Clive from the Los Angeles music scene for about six years. He was asked to guest one gig on drums with Clive, Shannon Engemann and Larry Bagby, then asked again on a gig with Clive in Venice. When Clive needed a bassist, Larry and Pete recommended him, and having guested with Clive previously, John was again brought to Clive's attention and is now a permanent member of the band.

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