Born in Washington DC and growng up in nearby southern Maryland in a little town named Accokeek, Wes' parents were active folk musicians. His earliest memories are of groups of singers filling their home with song late into the night.

Wes' dad had a folk music radio program and was the first president of The Folklore Society of Greater Washington. John Dildine at WASH fm During the summers his family travelled to folk gatherings and festivals throughout the east coast and Canada where the music seldom stopped and could go all night long. He grew up hearing music from the British Isles, Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans… and well, everywhere… and found he loved the blues the best.

As a teenager, his personal taste became more rockNroll. He was soon member of bands in the DC area playing rock with Steadfast and Over the Edge and as well as noisy free improv with The Bilbo Space Orchestra and The Trolls. Moving North to Albany, NY, he played acoustic/folk music with the Aardvarx and T.W. Crickett & Co., rock with Rastus and reggae with The Ravers.

Moving West to Northern Nevada, Wes joined a college friend, Neil, who was working in Reno. In Nevada he played rockNroll with his own band, Wes & the Warheads. As well as undergoing an extremely prolific writing period for he and the Warheads, who played a mix of his stuff, old R&B, rockabilly, blues, roots rock, country, and pretty much whatever they could get away with during the marathon shows (6 sets – 10pm-4am) that the cowboy/indian/miner packed roadhouses demanded in those days.

It was duing this time also that he played host and interviewer on a television show entitled RUBBER BANDITS (not the hip-hop pranksters from Limerick) that focused on the local Reno music scene.

Moving to Los Angeles, Wes remains active as a solo artist and has begun work on new recordings without a band. The third Mister Nervous album is expected to release in the spring of 2015.

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